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The Chemical Weekly Buyers' Guide is brought to you by the publishers of Chemical Weekly, India's number one magazine for the chemical industry and trade.

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No publication in the industry matches Chemical Weekly in the sheer volume of timely business news, in-depth market coverage and strategic advice it delivers to enable readers stay better informed.


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Since 2005, Chemspec India has continued to develop and reinforce itself India's premium exhibition for the fine and speciality chemicals market.


Jointly organised by Quartz Business Media and Chemical Weekly, the annual show showcases companies from India, Europe, USA, China, Japan etc.


A recent addition is ChemProTech India - an annual exhibition on chemical process plant, equipment, instrumentation etc.

Market research

Our unique access to the chemical industry provides an unsurpassed feel for the pulse of the industry. Our Market Intelligence Department can carry out in-depth surveys, involving extensive industry contacts, to precisely gauge the market potential for a chemical or product you want to introduce into the Indian market.


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